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Adopt Tyson:

Meet Tyson: 

Tyson is a one of a kind, adorable, adoptable Ashland County Shelter Dog! 

When not tuning in the local radio station to catch a baseball game on his satellite ears, Tyson enjoys playing ball, tug of war, playing with stuffies, eating treats, playing, meeting other doggos and people, playing with other doggos and people, playing, and playing some more.

The embodiment of giant ear cool, Tyson’s “Dog Dayz of Summer”, "#SunsOutSplootsOut", “summer vibes”, “beach ears, don’t care”, "#SunsOutTonguesOut", and “big ear energy” vibe make him the pawfect muse for Barkley & Wagz Summer Shelter Collection. 

Tyson used the power of his ears and sent a signal to Barkley & Wagz. They worked together to create this collection of fun hooman and doggo apparel to celebrate the Dog Dayz of Summer. What’s even cooler than this collection?!? All profits go to Ashland County Dog Shelter’s support Non-profit, No Pawz Left Behind to provide medical care for the shelter dogs. 

Tyson sees the black dog, pit mix adoption hurdles he has been facing for the past year and is ready to leap over them and into your heart & home furever! 

Now Ty is using the power of his ears to send you a message. Shh, listen close… “adopts me today.”… Did you hear that?