Frequently Asked Questions


 "Where do I send my reference photos for custom ear designs?"

Attach your reference photo/s in an email to with your order number in the title. Please also include your pet/s name/s. We allow any number of pets and any kind of pets for no additional charge.

"How are Barkley & Wagz garments printed?"

We use a high quality garment printer and so they are printed in ink! 

"Can I receive this order in a certain time frame?"

Yes! We can ship outside of our normal processing time on request. If you need your order in a week or later, just email us with your order number in the subject title. In the body of the email please let us know what date you need it by.

"Can I get my item made with a custom design?"

Absolutely! Any of our products can be printed with any image and there are no restrictions on color/s! If it is a design you have on hand, there is no extra charge. 

For a design you have on hand, please send a high quality transparent .png (preferred for color graphics) or .jpeg via email (

For new designs, they are $15 extra. Please email us with your design specifications after purchasing the item. Include in the subject your order number. We will send an invoice for the extra $15 via email.

"Do you keep custom designs on hand?"

Yes! We have all your custom designs saved, so if you purchase again, we can use the design from your previous purchase.

"Can you revise my custom ear design?"

No problem. We offer one free revision so we can modify the design to your liking. Any subsequent revisions that are not simple (i.e. redrawing design elements) typically requires a redraw and so we charge $15 extra. We will email you an invoice if extra revisions are needed.

"Can I cancel my order?"

We offer cancellations up to 24 hours after purchase.