Barkley's Best Sellers Box - Can Cup, Unisex T-Shirt, Tote Bag, and Sweatshirt with Customized Dog, Cat, or Other Pet's Ears

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Barkley's Best sellers box is a personalized collection of 4 Custom Pet Ear products: a sweatshirt, unisex t-shirt, tote, and a can cup, encapsulating the best of our dog boutique as a brand for all the fur babes. Get each item customized with your dog, cat, or other pet's ears (horse, hamster, turtle, you name it) and their name or names. Choose from a sweatshirt or hoodie, a frosted can cup or a clear beer can cup, a black tote or a natural tote... Make it your own!

*This can be customized with any number or kind of pet ears!

Please fill out this form and send via message after purchase ~

For the shirt: What color? (see chart) What size? What font? (see chart) Or no name?
For the sweatshirt: What color? (see chart) What size? What font? (see chart) Or no name? How would you like the design or designs printed? (i.e. pocket sized on front and full sized on back or i.e. full sized on front) Hoodie or crew?
For the cup: Clear or frosted? What font? Or no name?
For the tote: Black or natural? What font?

So we can customize this with your pet's ears, please upload a photo to our file uploader. For multiple photos, you will need to upload as a compressed zip file. If you have any trouble with this, simply email your pet's photo/s to We will send a design proof for approval to the email on file



Due to high demand, our design proof processing times have been changed to 5-7 business days.

Please send photo/s of your pet or pets and their paw print/s to and their name or name/s (we allow any number of pets for no additional charge). Include your order number in the subject title.

Also let us know if you'd like a different font (examples shown in chart) and how you'd like your sweatshirt printed (i.e. paw print on sleeve, pocket sized dog ears on the front)

These sweatshirts run true to size, with the exception of the hoodies. The hoodies run larger and we recommend sizing down (size chart shown at the end of the listing)

Please review the following information before purchase

Please ensure that the photo/s you send are your absolute favorite photos of your pup or cat and best represent their ears’ appearance and shape. One front facing photo per pet is recommended so we do not pick a photo to draw from that is not your favorite.

We can draw any kind of animal, so if you have other animals you’d like to add, feel free to send the photo/s over! :)

Also due to high demand, we have changed our policy on revisions. We now allow only one set of free revisions per order. Any change to the drawing itself is considered a revision. Because of the way we draw these, any change to the drawing requires redrawing the dog or cat altogether and so revisions take time. If you need any changes beyond the first free set of design revisions, we bill a $10 fee to the email provided.

These however are considered simple, free changes and not full design revisions: name change, font changes, design arrangement, or changes of the order of pets.

We really appreciate you choosing us to capture your pet’s unique pawsonality! If you have any questions feel free to email Ali at or Julie at

Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment.