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Blaire is immortalized celebrating the Dog Dayz of Summer true to form - with all the specials. Watermelon sour candies on a cocktail stick, a hunk o’ watermelon, the drink, the umbrella. Yes, please! She’s ready to enjoy the deliciousness of life. 

If Blaire were a fruit, she would be a watermelon. Great at a party, travels well, approachable and unassuming, delicate and sweet, goes well with anything, and super refreshing. A real crowd pleaser! For Blaire, Life is all about being near humans, eating delicious treats, a little play, a lot of love, and snoozes. Sounds like the perfect summer day and the perfect dog.

Meet Blaire at the Dog Dayz of Summer event, fall in love, and adopt her OR become an advocate. Buy this shirt and promote her while contributing to Ashland County Dog Shelter’s support Non-profit, No Pawz Left Behind, and help provide medical care for all the shelter dogs. All profits from sales go to No Pawz Left Behind.