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Adopt Fletch:

Meet Fletch:

Much like his name sake, Fletch's keen hound detective skills are only matched by his quirkiness and physical comedy. A charming rascal, Fletch is adorable, funny, goofy, playful, loving, affectionate, and a total sweetheart. He loves treats and offers a premeditated paw for them without being asked - an endearing act he discovered equals more treats. When the treats start flowing, the froth starts going, earning him an affectionate nickname, Frothy Fletch. Ears flopping in the breeze, froth flying, throwing caution to the wind, this hound dog gives zero hecks. 

A true hound, he can serenade regularly, is smart, and food motivated. On walks, he is gentle with his nose to the trail, searching for his forever human. Elvis had it wrong buddy! You are something, you're a hound dog, baying all the time. You ain't never caught a rabbit and you are a friend of mine! 

Fletch is such a character that he has been immortalized on a Barkley & Wagz Tee, capturing the froth, the ears, the quirkiness - possibly their best tee to date. Fall in love with Fletch! Set up a visit today!