The Tyson: Tattoo Sheet (LOCAL PICK-UP)


PLEASE NOTE: These tattoo sheets are pick-up only. Please go to the UBC patio to pick up your tee. Be sure to have your confirmation email ready or take a print-out of your order receipt.

Adopt Luna

About Luna

Bella Luna, Bella Luna! You beautiful moon! Anyone else hearing Dean Martin in their head right now? Full of mystery, yet predictable. A beautiful symbol of love, powerful, & illuminating - Luna embodies her namesake. Luna is simple & easy, sweet & sparkling - just like the limoncello spritz dogtail she is sipping to celebrate Dog Dayz of Summer. Yep, if Luna were a human, pretty sure she would be dining al fresco on the Amalfi coast with George & Amal Clooney. Getting major Italian Summer vibes. Lips-puckering yet? Is it the dogtail or are you just wanting to give Luna a kiss? 

Meet Luna at the Dog Dayz of Summer event, fall in love, and adopt her OR become an advocate. Buy this shirt and promote her while contributing to Ashland County Dog Shelter’s support Non-profit, No Pawz Left Behind, and help provide medical care for all the shelter dogs. All profits from sales go to No Pawz Left Behind.