Uniontown Brewing Company Bandana


The Bandana

• Available in 3 different sizes: 14" x 14", 18" x 18", & 22" x 22"

NOTE - Be sure to supervise your pet when wearing the bandana!

About Uniontown Brewery: 

Uniontown Brewing Company began as a dream on the back deck of owners Doug and Anna Reynolds’ home. But dreams don’t mean much…. at least not until they’re put into action.

So, that’s what the Reynolds did.

And that dream? It was a big one.

It’s one thing to start a restaurant, let alone a brewery. But it’s something entirely else to open one up inside a building as old—and as far from being up to code—as one that pre-dates the American Civil War. So they bought the old Gilbert Furniture store on Main Street and got started restoring it to its former glory.

With the help of their large extended families, Doug and Anna got it done… “barn-raising” style. Evenings, weekends, long nights and days… the building slowly shifted and changed into what it is now.

Which is… a great place for families, friends—both new and old—to gather together and share great times. To raise a glass and share a meal. To celebrate the big moments in life—as well as all those quieter, but equally important ones.

To enjoy life. And enjoy it together.

The Uniontown Brewing Company was built by our community, for our community