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A Hefty Boi in Search of Cute Clothes | "The Kevin Collection"

A Hefty Boi in Search of Cute Clothes | "The Kevin Collection"

       Weighing in at 225 lbs, a body mass that’s artfully composed of jiggly flaps, ginormous bear paws, and loads of expressive head wrinkles, Kevin is very literally a force of nature, an Instagram influencing (@kevin_theenglishmastiff) English Mastiff who gives zero hecks when he thunderously plops his big bod onto Newport Beach sands. If Kevin did a fitness babe style “What I Eat In a Day” vid, it’d take place from his favorite spot, the couch, and go as such: “Hi, I’m Kevin and it takes 6 cups of kibble a day to sustain this bodacious bod. That is all.”

225 Pound English Mastiff Lays on Couch

       Being a wee little Shih Tzu who scrolls through the ‘gram daily, I look up to Kevin literally but also in a greater sense, because while there’s nothing dainty about him, within him is a gentle and authentic heart that’s unmarred by the typical snootiness of celebs. He is simply himself and that’s what makes him so fun to watch, whether he’s splayed out in the kitchen like a living, breathing bear rug or toodling around town in a sizable yellow cart, tongue hanging out as he glides past awe-struck humans.

      It is not only his personality that defies containment, but his bod. Finding clothes that don’t fit him like a poorly wrapped Chipotle burrito bursting at the seams is a feat. But being the resourceful pup Kevin is, he pounded his paws to the keys in search of a fitting solution (sound familiar?), and, with the intervention of agile human fingers (bear paws can’t seem to type anything except jdflkjfhlfarts), he came upon what would become his two newest besties and business pawtners: Barkley & Wagz (yep.. That’s us!). Our comfy and stretchy 100% cotton dog raglans just so happen to accommodate dogs of all sizes, including hefty ones. The full size range goes from extra small all the way up to 6XL, a size that can accommodate the girthy 34” chests of Great Danes, Mastiffs, and the like. 

English Mastiff Lays Down In His Barkley & Wagz Black and White Dog Raglan

       It is from this collaboration that the “Kevin Collection” came to be, a slogan rich line-up of doggy tees that slay the task of both containing his body and his larger-than-life pawsonality. Kev is after all the author of many a big dog saying, boasting one liners like, “My favorite word is STAY,” “We don’t carry sticks, just trees,” and “2% Stud. 98% Muffin,” and so it was only appropriate that each tee is printed with a Kevin-esque flair for words and comedy. But what truly sums up this collection is the understanding that cuteness has no size, coming in both the expected small package and the unexpected heft of 225 pounds of bass and flatulence, no treble.

Kevin the English Mastiff Wearing 6XL Personalized Custom Dog T-Shirt

98% Muffin 2% Stud Funny Giant Dog Raglan T-Shirt Personalized       Gonna Need a Bigger Boat Dog T-Shirt Black and White Dog Raglan

       And since a simple introduction is insufficient to capture the breadth of Kevin’s awesomeness, we actually met with the guy and interviewed him about everything from pawlitics to a hypothetical feature film based on his life. Here’s the full transcript in all its glory:

 Sleeping in Seattle, Denver, & All Major Cities. Genre: Snorror Film. Starring me, as Bob Lablaw. Co-Star: Anita Nap
Or... Hugh Jass. 

I don't overthink it. I just sleep a lot. 

Wrinkly English Mastiff Weighing 225 Pounds

So say you ran for president... What's your slogan?

Big on love, light on effort!

Kevin the English Mastiff

Describe your perfect Sunday.

Snoozing, snuggling, & snacking.

Kevin the English Mastiff - Sleepy Big Dog

If you had one piece of advice to impart to your fellow dogs, what would it be?

Practice #BigDogEnergy by spreading joy and living the laidback lifestyle with lots of love, drool, and naps. And never take yourself too seriously 😎 

And last and certainly the most important of all, what is your favorite snack?

S'mores. Anything with "more" is my love language.

Kevin the English Mastiff

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And if you're a hefty boi or girl also in search of cute clothes, peruse the Kevin Collection for cheeky raglan tees that go all the way up to 6XL!