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About Last Year | An Illustrated Shaga

About Last Year | An Illustrated Shaga

     Hey guys, so uh... did you notice anything? Ok, while I love the shound of shilence (hold up let me tuck my underbite back in)..."Ahem" SILENCE... while I love the sound of shhhhhhhhhh... Ok, you get the point. I asked a queshtion and you offered NO anshwer, so I'll do us both the favor of being a good boi and letting you know that yesth, I took a writing hiatus since September of 2023 so that I could, you guessed it, draw. I just could not wrap my itty bitty lishping teefs around a drawing penshil and clank the keys at the same time. Sorry frens.

     But why, might you ask? Well, my mom's kind of a do-it-all-herself kinda person  and insisted that she draw all the dog ears herself this year. And I, being a help-a-momma out kinda dog, offered my assistance and uncovered a hidden talent in the process. I am well versed in art history (animal style) after all.

     And so, naturally, this is where the show & tell begins, and it's about to get a lot more riveting than the show & tells my cat furiends partake in wherein they show & tell their pawrents that surprise! they found a freakin' bat.

     I'm about to take you on an artistic tour de Barkley & Wagz and it's a comical array of sorts: nakey dogs, peetz, dogs reading from bewks... I even channeled my inner Neil Degrasse Tyson with very seriously scientific renderings of dog anatomy. Let us also not furget that I delved deep into the origins of whatever those swirly things are on the back of Pug's butts (buttons that, when pressed, transport us to an alternate dimension of the likes of Narnia, perhaps?)

     Basically it's a hot mess and I'm hoping you're here for it, because, well, not to over-sell myself or anything or, worse yet, bring out the puppy dog eyes 🥺, but I did it all fur you 🥺.

    Dog Anatomy 101


Dog Reading From Bewk


Sploots: An Exploration of Dog Butts

Personalized Custom Dog Sploot Drawing


Defining the Sploot

Sploot Definition Wall Art


Do Dogs Wear the Pants

Do Dogs Wear Pants Like *This* or Like *This*


That's Just My Nakey Dog

Funny Nakey Dog Illustration


We Have the Peetz

Peetz Coffee Can Cup


Sploots of the World


I Like Big Sploots and I Cannot Lie


Remember guys... I did it all fur you.