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No Pawz Left Behind | The Collab

No Pawz Left Behind | The Collab

         No pawz should be left behind, except for maybe my wittle muddy bean prints since they’re like, modern art. But seriously, every last being (BEAN-ing? Ok.. nevermind) on this freakin’ planet with toe beans should be able to barrel their way into a warm home with loving pawrents and a bed that they can take up 85% of. And so each and every day I grip onto this conviction with two corn chip feets clasped together the best a non-opposable thumbed creature can, but I realize that that’s not enough. I can parade the streets with an ADOPT YOUR FURIENDS sign all I want, but there’s so much more than can be done. And so I tracked down an organization who can do a whole lot more than I for pups in need of a home, and their name says it all: No Pawz Left Behind.

         No Pawz Left Behind is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that has spent more than a decade serving as an ally for local animal shelters. This band of dog lovers facilitates medical care for Ashland County shelter pups and has volunteers take them on long strolls, and so each and every dog they help is neither unhealthy nor cooped up or unsocialized. For those furry friends with more special needs, they have a kick-butt foster mom who gives them a temporary home, assisting through surgery recovery, pregnancies, & more. They’re an organization I can get behind, and it’s not just because I’m a furry nugget who can fit behind just about everything.. It’s because No Pawz Left Behind genuinely cares and puts in the love, time, and money to help rescues every step of the way until their shelter dogs stumble upon their forever homes.

        With my conviction for their mission surging through my tiny love-filled veins, I devised a clever collaboration. I would put my paws together (YET AGAIN) and feature the kissable faces of those rescue pups on t-shirts, tote bags, & more. It’s hoped that Barkley, Wagz, and I could inspire the pup obsessed to donate, adopt, or better yet.. do both. Their pawsonalities are, like my wittle bean prints, works of art and so it’s only natural that they be featured as such.

         Let me introduce you to a few of my rescue furiends. Put together, they’re pretty much like the Beatles but with paws and bones in between their claws instead of cigs. You can also probably understand their music (a cacophony of howls) way better than you can decipher the meaning of “Come Together’s” lyrics. I mean what in the HECK is a walrus gumboot anyways? Alright, I digress. Back to my band of furry friends deserving of homes.

         Meet... Luna! <3

Luna the Rescue Dog | No Pawz Left Behind

         If you're interested in adopting the most dynamic duo since Sunny & Cher, Luna & her tiny toof, click here!

         But if you're sadly not in the market for two, I get it I guess. Here's a little something you can purchase to help out a lil', though! A whole tattoo sheet inspired by a dual natured cuteness that is imPAWSIBLE not to adore:

Rescue Dog Tattoo Sheet | Temporary Tattoo | Test Tattoo placement

          Or... make a lil' more than a big impact and donate here!

         And now it's time for a romp with a dog whose ears are larger than life and can even tune into radio stations.. Tyson:

        If you're down for an unwinnable game of tug o' war and endless love, this pup's fur you. So, adopt him here! What are you waiting for? ...Him to send you radio waves of persuasion with his ear antennae? Oh, wait.. That's totally not needed. His cuteness is enough.

        If you're also down to honor his best feature with a supaw cute piece of apparel, look no further:

Tote Bag | Tyson the Rescue Dog

         Or... donate, because if you give, your money is helping these rescue pups get the love & care they deserve. -drops mic-

         -grabs mic by the teef- "Testing, testing... Squirrels are the enemy of the people & shall be chased to the ends of the earth. Ok, back to the point.. time to meet Mabel!"


          If you're in the market for a cool girl with flowers in her hair and a sweet pawsonality to match, adopt her! Or buy a little something so that you can have her sweet little face right on your wrist... or upper arm... or wherever you decide to place these tats! (Guide here)

         & yet again, I encourage you to get even more generous here! And I fear not sounding like a broken record, sans walrus gumboot, because furthering their mission of helping rescue pups on their journey to furever is of the utmost importance. 

        And finally, we have nakey dog himself. A dashing floppy eared Adonis who, at the flap of the ears and the tongue, will steal your heart fur sure. FLETCH!

Fletch the Hound Dog | Up For Adoption in Ashland County Ohio

         Adopt Fletch. Buy something with his nakey self on it. Donate. Do all the things. We dare you.

Fletch the Nakey Dog


         In conclusion, because every treatise about any worthy cause must start with "in conclusion," our collaboration with No Pawz Left Behind has put a spotlight on dogs who are beyond worthy of your love, care, attention, and yes... cashola. Every last one of them has a pawsonality that's just waiting to be revealed inside of your loving home, and that's why we'll continue to urge you, the dog obsessed, to help further their cause in any way that you can, because, well... Every furiend deserves furever.